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Tournament : JKF Gojukai Australia 2017 - Wollongong 2 April 2017
 Posted by glenn on 2017/2/17 22:10:00 (1229 reads)

JKFGOJUKAI Australia 2017
Shigenori Sato Sensei
Tatsuo Takagawa Sensei
Seiichi Fujiwara Sensei
Masao Tada Sensei
Glenn Stephenson Sensei
John Hart Sensei
Master Seminar and 27th JKF Gojukai Australia Tournament 2017
Seminar Friday 31 March & Saturday 1 April 2017 Wollongong Surf and Leisure Resort
WELCOME Party Novatel North Wollongong $65 per Head
Tournament Sunday 2 April 2017 Beaton Park Leisure Centre

Tournament : Tournament KAJ Sunday 25 October 2015 RESULTS
Posted by glenn on 2015/9/15 18:40:00 (2473 reads)

The tournament was run at Karate Academy Bexley sponsor for this event was Jessica Vetrisano
Well attended and well supported
Results Below

Karate Academy Bexley
Bexley North Bowling Club
72 Laycock Street, Bexley,
New South Wales, Australia 2207

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Tournament : SUCCESS was kept in the family
 Posted by glenn on 2014/3/3 11:46:26 (1724 reads)

SUCCESS was kept in the family during the Karate Academy of Japan Seiwakai Australia tournament for Elderslie family, the Patricks.

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Katherine Patrick and her stepson Harrison Ellis both placed during the Goju Ryu karate event, which featured competitors from St Helens Park and Rosemeadow dojos.

It's no surprise they performed so well as their instructor, Michael Patrick, is Katherine's husband.

Michael, who has been involved with karate for about 30 years, is the head instructor of NSW for the eight Karate Academy of Japan Seiwakai Australia dojos which he manages.

Nine-year-old Harrison won in the under-10 kumite division, while Katherine placed second in the kata class in the brown belt mixed division.

A 5th Dan Shihan head instructor, Michael said about 85 competitors from eight dojos competed.

"The standard of the competition was high as all competitors are Goju Ryu Karate Academy trained by qualified instructors," Michael said.

"We plan to have another tournament in November."

Harrison and his mother have been training in martial arts for three years.

Michael encouraged others to take up the sport at his dojo which caters for children.

"It's good for discipline, self-defence and fitness," he said.

Classes are held at the dojo at Elderslie Public School on Mondays and Thursdays from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Details: 0412 611 072.

Tournament : Fairfield Gojuryu Karate Academy scoops places at Blacktown City Games Karate Tournament 2012
Posted by glenn on 2012/8/26 19:19:49 (2362 reads)

Fairfield Gojuryu Karate Academy scoops places at Blacktown City Games Karate Tournament 2012. Hosted by Marty Bodsworth Sensei, Kyoukei Gojuryu Karate Club at Emerton Leisure Centre. Sunday 26 August 2012.
Chief Instructor Rene Tleige Sensei for Fairfield Gojuryu Karate Academy, was proud of all his students and their achievements as they took on all contestants to 3 Gold and 7 Silver medals. Fairfield Gojuryu Karate Academy runs Wednesday and Friday where Rene Sensei takes time out of his busy schedule as proprietor of R&J Quality Furniture and Bedding, to teach all that want to train, with great results in both Self Defence and Self Discipline.
All placing from youngest Katelyn 1st in Bag Push and 2nd in Kumite, James 2nd in Bag Push and 2nd in Kata, Wilson 2nd in Kata, Lyman 2nd in Kata and 1st in Kumite, Sevan 2nd in Kumite, Mohamad 2nd in Kata and Gregory 1st in Kata.
The highlight of the day was 4 in the final rounds of the 14 year old male division in Kumite (fighting) with results Lyman 1st (Gold) and Sevan 2nd (Silver) in extra time, while Wilson took pride in 4th Place in a torrid event.
Anyone interested in Karate training times you can do this by contacting Rene Sensei on 0411 813 977 or check out

Tournament : Kata Videos to Watch
Posted by glenn on 2007/5/2 14:37:46 (3482 reads)

JKF Gojukai Kata

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