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Senior Instructors of Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia
Glenn Stephenson, Kyoshi Shihan - Chief Instructor & President of Seiwakai in Australia


President and Chief Instructor for Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia
Chief Instructor, Karate Academy of Japan Goju Ryu
Past President, JKF Gojukai Australia
7th Dan, Kyoshi Shihan, Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai  - August 2017

6th Dan, Renshi Shihan, JKF Gojukai - Oita Japan 2015
2nd Dan ,Okinawa Kobudo Federation

QUALIFIED (Fitness Australia) Personal Trainer, Cert 3 & 4, ACPE Academy

Started Karate 1979 with Karate Academy of Japan Goju, Ashfield under Keith Hill Shihan 5th Dan Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai. Now, training directly under Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi 8th Dan (Shuji Tasaki 9th Dan Hanshi RIP) of Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai.
Glenn won a WKKF World Kata Bunkai Champion title in 1994 Tokyo, Japan. Now, Head Instructor for Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia teaches most nights, Through the All Japan Karate Federation Gojukai has trained under the best of Japans’ JKF Goju Kai masters include Shiomi Shihan, Maiyama Shihan, Maigawa Shihan, Tada Shihan, Fujiwara Shihan, Tasaki Hanshi and Lipinski Shihan since 1989 has had regular trips to Japan has developed and honed the skills that have been taught to him. Goju Ryu develops close in fighting skills that other sports style karate fighters are looking for it has both Karate and Jutsu involvement with the higher Dan level techniques. To find a good coach is the key Shuji Tasaki Shihan was the best and Fujiwara Shihan has developed his coaching through the guidence of a great master that devoted his life to his love for Karate, I enjoy my Karate and like to invite others to train and learn from my experience.

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Michael Patrick Renshi Shihan - Deputy Chief Instructor of Seiwakai in Australia

Deputy Head Instructor Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia
Senior Instructor / Director of Karate Academy of Japan Goju Ryu


6th Dan in Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai - 2017 RENSHI
6th Dan All Japan Karate do Federation Gojukai - 2017

1st Dan Okinawa Kobudo Federation  

Dojo Instructor for Campbelltown & Camden Area including, Rosemeadow Dojo, St Helens Park Dojo and NOW at Elderslie Dojo. Michael achieved a National Championship in The Australian Koshiki Cruiser Weight Division and has also achieved Two National Championship titles in Men’s open Kata division in Koshiki 

He was awarded his 4th Dan by Shihan Tasaki in Ibaraki near Tokyo after 8 days of training in Japan July 2007.  has progressed to 5th Dan through the guidence of Coach and mentor Glenn Stephenson Shihan and awarded his 5th Dan by Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi in Australia March 2012 and in the same month passed his JKF Gojukai 5th Dan..

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Iyan Mackenzie Renshi Shihan - Senior Instructor

Senior Instructor of Goju Ryu Karate Do Seiwakai.

5th Dan Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai - March 2010

5th Dan JKF Gojukai - July 2010

Iyan Mackenzie, has been training in the Martial Arts since 1972.- Originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, N.S.W...Iyans Karate background started with Yamaguchi Goju Kai.

Shihan Paul Starling, Shihan Tino Ceberano, and Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi were his leading instructors and long time Mentors from those early Years.

In Japan 1979, Iyan was Graded to 2 Dan Yamaguchi Goju Kai...from Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi and Shihan Paul Starling. Presented by Hanshi Gogen Yamaguchi at the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

But his experience includes several other Martial Arts, including Tae Kwon Do,
various Karate Styles, Kickboxing and Aikido. With weapons training under Master Motokatsu Inoue, in the Ryukyuan Kobujutsu System of Bo, Sai and Tonfa.

Iyan also holds the rank of  2nd Degree Black Belt wth the Chung Do Kwan/Tae Kwon Do Organization, Certified and Graded at the Kukkiwon TKD Headquarters in Seoul Korea. He has lived and worked in the U.S. Singapore/ Malaysia, Korea, China, Japan and the follow his Employment and Career, with Hanna Barbera, Marvel Comics, Walt Disney, and the Cartoon Network in the Animation Film Industry as an Animation Director, Cartoonist/ Illustrator and Designer, and so as to broaden his Martial Arts training experiences whenever possible.

Sensei Iyan is committed to the study of Martial Arts, and continues to further his knowledge and skills with the Goju Ryu Seiwakai and its latest developments in Kata training for Combat and evolving Kumite Techniques.

Iyan is also an active Polo Player and experienced Horseman in Western Riding and Trail Riding. He has been an accomplished 1100cc Superbike Rider, racing at Mt Panorama, Oran Park and Amaroo Raceway. And Interstate Race Circuits in the 70's to the 80's. His many Sporting interests were pursued with the same competiveness and commitment as his Martial Arts Training, such as...Skydiving, Fencing, Archery, Shooting, Surfing, Snow Skiing and Golf to name a few.

After participating, and assisting in as many Seminars as possible, with Shihan Leo Lipinski 8th Dan JKF Seiwakai, and frequent trips to Japan,
training under Hanshi Tasaki and Shihan Fujiwara in Omagari...

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Nikola Vukelic Sensei - Senior Instructor

Senior Instructor Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai in Southern NSW & ACT
5th Dan Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai - 2016

 4th Dan JKF Gojukai - 2011

From South Africa is an active member of the Seiwakai organisation in Canberra now moved to Calbura Beach near Nowra, Nikola is a devastating Goju fighter and a great asset to the organisation with a second place at the JKF Gojukai National Championships 2005.

Nikola achieved both 4th Dan in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai in Omagari and then tested and passed JKF Gojukai in Kyoto 5 Days later. 

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Rod Martin Renshi Shihan- Senior Instructor

Rod Martin (BSc Adel)

Senior Instructor, Hoshindo Karate do 

Associate Director in QLD

6th Dan Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai - July 2016 Japan

6th Dan JKF Gojukai -2017

Rod Martin is an Australian based karate instructor who has for many years taught and trained in karate around the world. He first started his Martial Arts journey in 1987 in Adelaide and was awarded 4th dan in Seiwakai Gojuryu and by the Japan Karate Federation, Gojukai, in 2007.also, holds the rank of 4th dan in Shotokan from Sport England, 2006.

From 1990 until 2005, He was a full time student and instructor in both Australia and the United Kingdom. During this time he was instrumental in building and running many clubs. With a successful tournament career and recognised as both an international grading examiner and tournament referee (NAKMAS) he understands what it takes to reach the top level. His experience running big clubs and guiding the path of thousands of students throughout the years is what makes his dojo special.

He has a clear vision that karate do needs mentors. Quality mentors are hard to find and Gojuryu Seiwakai is rare in having so many extraordinary people involved.Tasaki Hanshi and Fujiwara Shihan, Leo Lipinski Shihan and Glenn Stephenson Shihan bring something special to the karate world which Rod is proud to be a member of.Our small, family club is committed to the values which make Gojuryu karate do so special. Karate, whilst being a fighting art, must be more than that. It is the values which make us different. Self Discipline, Control, Respect. We are not your run of the mill, fly by night martial arts group with questionable claims or invent our own style. This is legitimate, this is Karate do and this Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai. With a direct and traceable lineage, international opportunities to train in Japan or Okinawa and skills that will last you a lifetime.

Rod Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and is currently completing a degree in Acupuncture in Brisbane, Australia. This gives him a unique insight into the biomechanics and energy flow that are so important in karate do. He works with the Brisbane Broncos and privately as a Chinese Remedial body worker. 

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James Duggan Renshi Shihan - Senior Instructor in QLD

 James Duggan

Senior Instructor, Brisbane Goju Dojo 

6th Dan Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai - July 2015

6th Dan JKF Gojukai - August 2016

James trained for many years in Gungfu with his father then started training Goju Ryu Karate in Tasmainia during 1988 under the guidence of Tino Ceberano Gojukai Organisation that led to him being tested for 1st Dan in International Goju Karate do (IGK) in 1993. 

He has had a fighting career that started with Karate Kumite Tournaments in Tasmania, Victoria (Melbourne), NSW (Sydney) and Queensland that led to TSK (full contact Karate), Kickboxing & Boxing bouts both in Australia and Thailand.  He established the Morningside Dojo in Brisbane, Queensland and wants to develop the finer art of Gojuryu through the Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Organisation that is headed by Shuji Tasaki Hanshi one of the main teachers of Tino Ceberano and Paul Starling in the early days of the Yamaguchi Gojukai before forming Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai. James now trains regularly under the guidence of Iyan Mackenzie Director of Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Queensland. 

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Doug Silversten Renshi Shihan - Senior Instructor

oug Silversten 

Senior Instructor Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia

5th Dan Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai

3rd Dan JKF Gojukai

Originally from South Africa Doug Shihan is now in Perth, Western Australia 

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Praduman Gaur Shihan - Senior Instructor  



Senior Instructor Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai India

6th Dan KAJ Gojuryu Karate do

Praduman Gaur Shihan has been training with Glenn Stephenson Shihan since 2005 before training under OGKF where he was awarded his 6th Dan  but decided to start training under Glenn Stephenson Shihan from 2010 exclusivly. in 2019 he was awarded by Glenn Stephenson recognition of prior learning and given his 6th Dan Shihan status.  

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