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KAJ Training Centres
(also known as Dojos)

The 'Dojo' is the spiritual & traditional centre where Karate and other Japanese Martial Arts are taught. Learning in the dojo should be practical and enjoyable, cultivating wisdom, self-discipline, responsibility, and courage.

Please choose one of the State fly out sub-menus on the left to see the details of each training centre along with a map to help you find it.


Along with the Karate training techniques and methods, these additional general rules and etiquette guidelines must be learnt and practiced, in order to foster respect for the art of Goju-Ryu Karate, the Academy, and your fellow students.

These rules have evolved over the years and go side by side with physical training in learning this highly respected art. These guidelines are mostly common sense and seldom have to be enforced, once explained.

  1. No smoking in the dojo.
  2. No alcohol to be consumed in dojo.
  3. No swearing allowed.
  4. No jewelery to be worn during training.
  5. No shoes to be worn in any training area.
  6. Fingernails and toenails to be kept clean and short at all times.
  7. Any member found to be intoxicated would not be permitted to train.
  8. Any instruction given by your instructor or a senior grade should be followed without question.
  9. Members must always conduct themselves with dignity and respect when representing the goju-ryu karate academy or risk immediate expulsion.
  10. Any member who is found to have used any method taught in a derogatory manner will be expelled immediately.
  11. All members must bow upon entering and leaving the do-jo or any associated doorway.
  12. Students must show respect for instructors, all senior students and each other by bowing when appropriate.
  13. No idle chatter during training.
  14. Students must not leave the do-jo or move from their assigned position without the instructor's permission.
  15. Upon entering the do-jo while training is in progress the student must bow and then kneel and wait for permission from the instructor before joining or rejoining the class.
  16. No student should approach a dan grade without first bowing and then awaiting an invitation to speak.
  17. No member at any time should question any command given by Shihan.


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