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International NEWS : International training in Omagari and Wakayama 2017
Posted by glenn on 2017/8/7 19:36:15 (4446 reads)

After a grueling 7 days training at Omagari Japan we tested for our grades then some of us went to Wakayama to test in All Japan Karate do Federation Gojukai
Congratulations to you all
Glenn Stephenson 7th Dan Kyoshi Shihan

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International NEWS : 27th All Japan Karate do Federation Gojukai Australia National tournament 2017
Posted by glenn on 2017/4/15 17:29:43 (1422 reads) ... 60079&id=1454033991308412

International NEWS : JKF Gojukai Australia Master Seminar and Grading 2017
 Posted by glenn on 2017/4/6 21:30:00 (1668 reads)

Congratulations to all 30 Seiwakai Members out of 35 that attempted their JKF Gojukai Grading on 1st April 2017 at Wollongong NSW Australia pleased to say that all 35 passed.
Letter with Results from Excecutive of JKF Gojukai Australia

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International NEWS : Training and Grading in Japan 2016
Posted by glenn on 2016/7/27 13:20:00 (1095 reads)

Another successful training camp in for Seiwakai Australia in Omagari Japan
After 6 days of sweating it out then into Grading for Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai students throughout the world a big congratulations to
Emile Kobayashi 1st Dan
Angus Douglas 2nd Dan
Karen Lee 2nd Dan
Charles Walker 2nd Dan
Sarah Paddick 2nd Dan
Naomi Higgs 3rd Dan
Damien Seidel 4th Dan
Roderick Martin 6th Dan

International NEWS : Being a Karate Coach
 Posted by glenn on 2016/4/23 14:40:00 (1339 reads)

Coach, an important criterion in the development of the Athlete
Because the relationship coach and athlete are important ...
In any sport, athlete and coach spend several hours each day together, either in training in preparation for the athlete, but also during the match, the one giving instructions and the other perform.
therefore, the relationship between the two is an important criterion in the development of the athlete. but they are all athletes and coaches good relationship between them? What should be the ideal relationship between athlete and coach? First, the coach in any sport need to have a separate relationship and communication with each athlete. At the beginning of each new year should bring together goals - short and makroprothesmous-, which will try to meet and during training and during each match. The coach also should seek to encourage, welcomes and encourages each athlete individually. The feedback is also an important element because every coach should give feedback after each race and workout so that the athlete knows the positive and t 'negative aspects of performance, and also to be improved. Every athlete, as distinct personality that is, needs a different approach. Particularly, in developmental ages coaches should be particularly cautious about how close and behave in athletes after an improper or incorrect behavior can lead the athlete even abandonment. Athletes should feel that their coach respects, he appreciates every effort, welcomes and gives them the motivation to continue. Note that most of the time the coaches are the standard of the athletes. The communication is, between the two plays an important and catalytic agent, the advancement and development of the athlete. Lack of communication leads the athlete to lose the orientation and motivation, finding it difficult to follow the right training program and generally feel confused and disappointed.

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